About us


ReeffishCenter started as Biemans Breda B.V. Rene Biemans, our founder, started a small aquarium shop in in 1990. In 2001 he moved this shop to Breda, Koelemei 18 and started importing and wholesaling marine fish and corals on a small scale.


Our company is still growing. Meanwhile we have an elaborate collection of marine fish and corals. We regularly import from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bali, the Philippines, Hawaii, the carribean and soon also the Red Sea area. This guarantees a beautiful stock of high quality for your aquarium shop.


Thanks to our knowhow and eye for detail, we can deliver animals of superior quality. “Impossible” fish or difficult eaters like Zanclus Cornutus, Anthias, Chelmon Rostratus, en Pygoplites Diacanthus do exceptionally well in our stock and our living proof of our professionalism.


You’re always welcome to visit our business and convince yourself.

Since the start of 2011 the company is owned by Rene van Gool.

We also offer transshipping via Biemans Import Breda.


See you soon at reeffish center,

René van Gool